Tuvia B., Palo Alto, CA


“I’ve approached Avi in regards to purchasing an out-of-state house for investment, without knowing much about the matter, nor being able to afford the time to learn and get to become the “expert” I like to be with everything I do.

“Working with Avi was a great experience, and in fact made this investment possible for me;

“To help me get the picture, Avi has prepared per my request detailed mapping and analysis of various areas in the US, has prepared a highly professional and all encompassing business plan to go with the potential investments, and has provided me with all the information I needed to make a decision in a clear and timely manner.

“Once I’ve selected the investment property, Avi has run the whole thing as a turn-key project for me:
Avi has negotiated the deal for me, has closed the mortgage with the bank at great rates, has signed up the property management company, has dealt with the necessary improvements of the property, with the title company, with the insurance company, with the local utilities, has rented the property in less than two weeks – doing all that on my behalf and all that while I was on a long international business trip.

“After the closing, Avi has traveled to Arizona and has visited the property, making sure that everything works well. He has prepared a nicely organized file with all the relevant documents in it, to help me manage my expenses and payments moving forward.

“To summarize, working with Avi was a great experience: Avi is pleasant, reliable, always available to help, and all that without compromising his highly educated and professional approach to the business at hand.”


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