Tamir and Galit Reshef., Sunnyvale, CA


“In a nutshell: Avi is honest, professional, diligent, methodical and thoughtful. He holds your hand throughout the process, and makes sure every step is clear and every stage is executed in the best way possible. Avi possesses a deep understanding of the economics of buying a home, which he gladly shares with you his knowledge helping you understand all the right factors to consider.

Now to our story:

We were introduced to Avi via a colleague of mine when we relocated our family to the bay area. While on a house hunting trip form FROM the east coast Avi meet us, gave us a map of the area with his recommendations were we should rent and why, no strings attached. We took his advice and moved on. For the next two years we had occasional conversations, I have to admit that after two bad experiences with realtors in Toronto and NY we have had neither respect nor trust for realtors so we kept our distance. And then came the day were our rent term was up and we faced the very common dilemma of rent or buy. We called Avi, just to hear what he has to say. From the first meeting it was different.

Here is my take on why it was different: Avi holds a degree in EE from McGill university, with minors in computer since and management, he grow up in the high tech industry, had three start-ups of his own and really gets the business side, his customers needs and how to build and maintain long terms relationships.

Back to our story, after giving us a very analytical presentation on whether or not we should buy and all the factors to consider, giving us time to consider and answering all of our questions. Avi took the time to understand our housing needs and priorities and help us to converge on a short list of thing that we’ll not compromise on and nice to haves. Doing so saved us a lot of time during the house hunting period. When the time has come to make an offer Avi helped us develop a complete strategy of how to make the offer and how to present ourselves to the sellers. Thanks to Avi, we won a multi offer bid, not bidding the highest price!

After we already bought the house, Avi helped us get the best mortgage rate, understand what renovations needed to be done and what we could postpone, negotiated the best rate on fumigation and even helps us to look after the house while we are away.

We enjoyed working with Avi, have already recommended him to few friends and when we are ready, will work with him again.”


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