Sigal & Ronen., Palo Alto, CA


“Avi Urban: From Crate to Cradle

One day my husband came home from a seminar he attended and told me he found us a realtor, named Avi Urban. He also mentioned that Avi will be meeting with us over the weekend. I warned both my husband and Avi that our 2 little children (back then they were 2 years old and 5 years old) will be awake and with us during that meeting. Despite the madness created by our kids, Avi was able to clearly articulate to my husband and I (as well as our kids) how he is going to support us through the journey of buying a house. We then decided that in the coming weekends my husband will stay with the kids and Avi and I will look at houses (what a great deal for me :)).

From that one meeting we had with Avi, he immediately understood what was important to us and what our budget limitation was and made sure to show me (and later on my husband) houses that were able to meet our needs. When you dedicate to spend your weekends looking for a house, you want to make sure it’s time well spent. With Avi it was just that, and we even found time for coffee breaks at Starbucks.

Before I entered into the house, which we decided to buy, I remember Avi telling me: “I found you your home”. In that moment, when he said that I knew it was right. When you walk into a house that you like and want to live in for the next few years it’s like love at first site you just know and feel that it’s right. That’s how I felt when I entered the house we bought, the house that Avi found for us and we now call home.

When my husband and I made the decision to buy the house Avi took us through the process of making the offer, the paperwork, getting the best loan, negotiating with the other party etc. He was there with us every step of the way.

Even after our offer was accepted he advised and helped us with finding contractors for changing the locker, fixing the backyard, cleaning the house, replacing the roof, finding movers etc. At that point Avi could have stepped away but he didn’t. He stayed with us until we moved in because Avi is the kind of realtor that truly cares about his customer, is so passionate about what he does (his last name “Urban” even refers to his passion) and I’m proud to say he is not just our realtor but he is also our friend.”


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