Ronen S., Palo Alto


“Buying a house is a big decision, buying a home in the Bay Area is a complex, expensive decision. We bought our first home in Palo Alto more than 10 years ago and now our new home in Palo Alto with Avi and all heatedly recommend Avi.

We both work in the high tech industry and with three kids, we do not have enough hours in the day to become experts in real estate. We both have high work ethics and we wanted to make the right, knowledgeable, best decision on our home. Avi invested the time to educate us on the market: ‘It is not a single market – the market is built out of local markets and segments that behave differently.’

“He focused our search when needed and guided us to see more options. Avi helped us realize our priorities, the different options we had and the trade offs possible to make. Avi brought experts to help us explore and estimate the possibilities. Understand what will be the cost of converting the garage, building an office, changing a floor plan. He guided us to the realistic options in the short and long term. Avi’s approach to educate helped us make a better decision.

“Making a decision is the first part executing on it is the next step: Avi skillfully guided us through the negotiations and leveraged the right professionals for inspections and validation refining the price and eliminating surprises. Finally, Avi was there to help us with his contacts to get a better mortgage, great contractor and get us to the finish line. From education, through mortgage and contracting, all the way to the home you want (after a little renovation that is needed) – Avi is the realtor we chose twice and highly recommend.”


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