Katty & Emilio., San Jose, CA


“We are immigrants and we didn’t know a thing about real estate in USA. We were used to invest in properties without hesitations, because we lived in a country with a volatile economy. Properties there always increase their value by huge percentages.

Then we moved here and the trauma began. But that’s when we met Avi!

We attended one of his Seminars and we learnt a lot about this special real estate market. After a couple of months we were ready to go for it, so we called Avi to help us.

It didn’t take too long for us to realize that we needed to set more realistic goals, and it was thanks to Avi’s help and orientation.

Avi was truly looking for our wellbeing, he recommend us not to get into deals that may put in risk our monthly budget, our savings or our ability to do the things we love to do and require money. He also advised us on other financial areas that we hadn’t thought about.

When we finally found our best fit house, Avi was a really strong negotiator and stood up for us in all ways. He knows this market very well after many years of experience, and recommended us the right moves that worked in our best interest too.

If you want to make a well informed and smart decision, Avi is your one stop realtor. We now have Avi as a friend we can count on for advice on improving our new home, and surely for future business.

My husband and I highly recommend Avi Urban for your Bay Area property shopping.”


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