Kartik Ayyar ., Sunnyvale, CA


“I came to know of Avi by attending one of his first time buyer workshops. I thought the workshop was good in that it approached the subject of real estate from a relatively analytical perspective. When I started off, I wasn’t sure of what I wanted, and his presentation really got me thinking in terms of what was important to me.

His presentations also had some good sections about why it may not make sense for someone to buy. I really liked that his presentation had this section and he actually spent time to go over this in detail as well.

Avi was prompt and responsive, and also did a good job of showing me a lot of different places. Even though I had seen the place that I eventually ended up getting within a few days of started my search, I was initially not inclined towards it for what I would now characterize as relatively nitpicky reasons (nor did Avi hard sell me on it ).

Even for some properties that I initially liked, Avi pointed out some serious shortcomings in the fine print that I didn’t necessarily think about. Likewise when doing paperwork for the townhouse I wanted to read and understand each and every single piece of fine print for anything that I signed, and Avi was also patient for this part of my home buying process. Also during the month of closing, though I was very busy in terms of work during the day, Avi was patient yet assertive in terms of making sure I responded to any matters that required my attention (while at the same time him putting up with me responding to most of his calls during the day with a simple SMS saying “Busy”). When I got started on my real estate search, I was initially concerned that interfacing with a realtor would be painful and awkward if a realtor was anything like car salesman. Avi on the other hand was personable, analytical, assertive and patient.

I feel very lucky to have found Avi, and I would highly recomend him to anyone looking for a realtor in the zip codes that he focuses on.
Other reviews which mention that Avi is on your side for the long haul are spot on.

Note: The above is mostly from a review I wrote for Avi earlier, however I will add that in addition to just helping me get the house, Avi has been a great source of both proactive and reactive help with all of the things that come post purchasing a house.”


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