Julie A., San Jose, CA


“Avi could not have been more helpful when we bought our first house a couple of months ago. We were brand new to the entire process, and from the introductory seminar we attended to the day we unlocked the door of our new home, Avi never let us down.

The seminar answered all of our questions about how, exactly, one goes about buying a house–or even deciding whether it’s the right time to buy. We were impressed by the level of dedication Avi showed by hosting the free seminar on a weekend morning, so after we talked it over and looked at our finances and decided we were ready to start the process of finding a home, we chose Avi as our agent.

The first time we went around looking at houses with Avi, he showed us what to look for to evaluate the quality of a property. My husband and I tended to be overly impressed by shiny floors or newly remodeled kitchens. Avi taught us to slow down, take a step back, and look at the bigger picture: What could we tell about the neighborhood by looking at the neighbors’ lawns and cars? What condition was the roof of the house in? Was there visible evidence of dryrot anywhere? Any noise from nearby roads? If there were neighbors about, Avi didn’t hesitate to talk to them and find out what he could about the neighborhood.

After looking at quite a few properties over the course of a couple of months, my husband and I went to an open house on a Saturday afternoon. We decided that we liked the property enough to put in an offer if Avi agreed with our evaluation. Avi met us at the house the next morning and didn’t see anything wrong with it. We had missed out on putting offers on a few other properties because we spent too much time thinking it over or because the timing wasn’t right for us, so we told Avi that we wanted to be aggressive with this on. He immediately offered to meet with us later that day to put together an offer. We were impressed by how available he made himself to us.

With Avi’s help, we put together an offer that was accepted. This, of course, is only the beginning of buying a house. The next four weeks were a whirlwind of inspections, appraisals, financing meetings, contingency extensions, and so on. The seller’s agent was a *complete* nightmare to work with–she didn’t respond to phone calls or emails for days at a time, she claimed work we requested had been completed even though it hadn’t, she didn’t mark our property as sold in the MLS until a month and a half after we closed on it…in short, she behaved unprofessionally or incompetently at every turn. We came very close to walking away from the transaction a few times because of her lack of communication. Avi not only put up with all of her BS for us, but also repeatedly apologized for her behavior. That’s how much integrity he has–the horrible service of someone who just happened to share his line of work was genuinely embarrassing to him.

Avi made us feel like we were his only clients, even though we knew that wasn’t the case. Whenever we needed him, he was responsive and made himself available for us. He answered our questions patiently and thoroughly throughout the process, which was especially reassuring when we were putting together our offer and when we were wading through the mountain of closing documents. We never felt rushed or forced into someone else’s vision of a perfect home. Avi let us take the time to figure out what we wanted, and when we found it he immediately snapped into action on our behalf.

I highly recommend Avi. He is knowledgeable, service-oriented, personable, and conscientious, A true professional.”


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