Julia & Adam., Sunnyvale, CA


“We recently bought a new house and sold our previous one, with Avi as our agent.

This was not our first time working with Avi (we bought an investment property with him back in 2011). We rated his expertise, dedication and friendliness as 5 stars back then and we do so again.

In a crazy real estate market such as that in the bay area, you need someone who’s agile and available to act quickly when needed (eg. put in a pre-emptive offer for you to be able to grab an opportunity to buy) but also, be able to keep a cool head and do the due dilligence to be able to fully evaluate whether purchasing a certain property makes sense, even if you are in contract already.

We had several attempts where our offers to buy were not accepted, but also had one where we went into contract but had to back out since we couldn’t lift some contingencies. Not only did Avi not pressure us to carry on with the purchase when we were having doubts. Instead, he put us in touch with some great contacts (an architect, a handyman, structural engineer etc.) whereby we could get very detailed advise and consultancy to help us make our minds up based on impartial information as to what is possible and what isn’t and how much it would cost. This alone is a huge strength for Avi. It is not often that someone can, at an instant, put you in touch with an expert who would come to meet you within minutes and give you their advice.

Furthermore, having not had much money to put down as a deposit (we have little kids and did not want to have to move out and sell our house before buying the new one), Avi was able to put us in touch with Joel Spolin who was able to provide us with a bridge loan. This, in itself, boosted the value of a downpayment that we could put down sufficiently to allow us to buy first and sell later.

The sale process too went by extremely quickly. One minute we were talking about how much we should sell for and preparing some paper work. Next thing, we got a pre-emptive offer and before we knew it the deal was sealed.

Avi has done a fantastic job for us and we strongly recommend him to anyone looking to buy/sell their house here in the bay area or buy an investment property elsewhere in the country.”


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