Eran Cohen., Cupertino, CA


“We have recently completed a purchase of a house for investment in the Silicon Valley, and Avi Urban was our agent.

We have bought and sold several houses in the past, some in the Silicon Valley, and therefore worked with several agents. They were all good, but we think Avi is in his own class.

Even though Avi has been working with numerous other people during the same period, he always gives you the feeling that you are his most important client. Being an investment, it took quite some time to narrow down the options and focus on an area and type of property. Avi devoted a lot of time during this period, and was always responsive and prompt, offered good and helpful advice, and maybe most importantly – Avi would not hesitate to question our assumptions and thoughts to ensure we knew what we were doing, rather than just be a nice “yes man” and push us to close on whatever property that comes across.

Avi’s knowledge and connections with various professionals in wide area make it as close as it gets to a “one-stop shop”, which makes this demanding and emotional process somewhat easier and smoother.

During the more advances stages of the search, negotiations and closing of the deal Avi was very effective even when thousands of miles away when we had to travel. He was very organized, had knowledge of all the important details, never forced us into anything, but yet – knew to “push” when it was needed. Last, but not least – Avi’s ability to “keep cool” and his resourcefulness had potentially saved the deal at the last moment when it was at a great risk to blow up.

Avi has many more virtues as a realtor, but perhaps the best way to summarize them is to say that Avi shows cares about his client’s investment as it were his own – he is more of a partner rather than just an agent that provides a service for a fee.

We know whom to call next time that I decide or consider making another real estate transaction!”


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