Dana and Meitav Harpaz., Palo Alto, CA


“My wife and I purchased a house in Palo-Alto with Avi’s helpl in 2010. I first came to know Avi through a referral from a couple of colleagues who have both purchased real-estate in the area with his help. Both have been extremely adamant that he is the agent to use in Silicon Valley. Moreover, I had a friend that attended one of his seminars, as well as knew of him thru mutual friends. All spoke highly of him which was a good start. Honesty and integrity was at the top of my “have got to have” list, and those are attributes that were contributed to Avi through my research of him.

I started my relationship and building rapport with Avi few weeks before I even moved to the valley and met him in person. Throughout those weeks, he not only helped me understand the lay of the land, the market, opportunities, and different options, but came to quickly understand how to meet OUR needs and way of operation and adopt appropriately. Through countless of hours on the phone and emails, I was so ready to go, that I hit the ground running at a 100 miles an hour the minute I arrived.

Avi understands the lay of the land like no other. He is able to provide support, insights, fresh and honest perspective and advice like you would expect from a trusted adviser and a guide, not a service provider that makes a living from your spending. Avi has a ridiculously big network of personal connections of past buyers, investors, lenders, financial and legal advisers, inspectors, handyman and construction workers, you name it. Using the power of his network and his past experience and expertise, he was able to guide us through this journey/ maze/roller coaster, of home buying.

I can imagine that no two buyers are alike. Each one has its own character, lifestyle, financial, professional and personal situation. Avi takes the time to know the buyer and understand the needs, the options and the limitations. He then works with what is available to him the best that he can. We have always gotten his undivided attention whenever we needed it, and he has worked great within the limitations that we had.

Avi is just as instrumental after the transactions is over. While some agents might vanish into thin air once all is said and done, Avi keeps going like he is on the clock. Through coordination and introduction into his network, to supervising work himself, assisting with house chores, work, and purchases, he has always been there for us. From introduction and discussions with other buyers, I know that Avi is in regular contact with many of them and they still reach out to chat, or get his advice and help.

I have found Avi to be all that I wanted to have in my idea of ideal agent.

He is very honest, knows what he is doing, great to work with, and has gotten us where we wanted to get safely. What more can one ask for? I would absolutely use his services again if ever needed and would highly recommend him to anyone who’s looking to buy real estate.”


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