Benny & Mali Kimelfeld., Sunnyvale, CA


“When buying a house, the realtor is by far the most important actor involved. When we met Avi for the first time, we hardly knew what to expect and how to go about the process. We didn’t even know what kind of house we were looking for. With his incredible patience and wisdom, he walked us, slowly and comfortably, through the entire challenge. He has been available for us, mornings, nights and weekends (and as other reviews mention, he indeed seems to never take rest), for meetings and open houses. Later in the process, Avi guided us while placing bids, contributing his vast knowledge and experience to optimize proposals. At that point we understood that the qualities Avi brings with him are far more than what we were aware of.

A particularly strong quality is his network. He simply knows them all. He can instantly call a mortgage broker, a construction contractor, relevant realtors, etc., upon need; each of those has a long and deep relationship with Avi, and will happily give all relevant information and services as needed for the process, even over weekends. And when required, Avi knew how to push all involved parties, strongly and elegantly, to maximize our benefit.

Another strong quality of Avi is his communication with his customers, and specifically, his ability to detect and properly address every barrier and difficulty, no matter how small or personal. If it wasn’t for Avi’s communication skills, we would still be in the search for a house. He convinced us to believe in our ability to buy the house we eventually went for, and today it seems to be one of the greatest deals we ever made. Even after the purchase completed, Avi was still there, every second, to offer his valuable help and guidance for the move into the new house.

In short, as far as Avi is considered, our appreciation and trust are total. He is truly one of a kind. We cannot even think of working with anyone else on real estate, and we warmly recommend the same to everyone. Be prepared to work with a top-league professional, with great personality and unusual level of commitment.”


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