Avital and Amir Tsuri., Cupertino, CA


“My wife and I know Avi for about 6 months now. We were introduced to him in ones of the Silicon Valley real-estate seminars he is presenting and was very impressed by his capabilities right there. We decided to work with him on finding our first house in the US. Avi was very methodic in his approach and first helped us to define our requirements in a prioritized manner (locations, lot, house) and to list down our constraints (budget, schedule, and in our case… location). When all this was defined, Avi helped us to vigilantly look for options in a very competitive environment (low-end houses in Cupertino…good luck with that :-). Avi is very responsive and really knows how to drive all parties in this process to get a quick response. He will always call you and will make sure that all paperwork is in place, and that you understand where you stand in the process. That was very helpful, especially for a first time buyers like us. As we went to look at the available houses, Avi always made himself available to come and let us know the upside and downside of every house, how does it meet (or doesn’t meet) our requirements, and helped us a lot to get to the right decision. We looked at about 15 houses and made about 3 offers before we finally, with the aggressive approach that Avi decided to take, got the house we were really hoping for, again, in a extremely challenging environment. We are very happy with Avi’s work and highly recommend him as the realtor that will make your dream, of buying a house, come true.”


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