Adam Fuks., Sunnyvale, CA


“My wife and I have recently bought and sold a house with Avi Urban. He did an excellent job both in being able to help us buy a house, but also importantly in terms of selling our previous house.

We were in a bit of a difficult situation as we have 2 little kids. It would have been quite a burden on us to have to first sell our house, move out to a rental property and only then move to a new house. Avi was able to put us in touch with a bridge-loan agent (Joel Spolin). Joel was able to help us by providing us with a bridge loan that allowed us to buy first and sell later.

Avi’s expertise in sequencing this complex transaction (buying one house and selling another) made it very easy for us to concentrate on the actual job of focusing on what kind of house we want to buy.

Once we bought the new house, Avi was able to, within an extremely short time (a month) to get our house sold. He was able to find us buyers who put up a great pre-emptive offer, ridding us of the need to do staging/advertising.

Avi’s honesty has shined through when he insisted that, although the buyers came directly to him, they be given another agent to give them fair representation.

Finally, Avi was able to negotiate a very good deal for us, both in selling house price and in the total commissions we paid.
This is not the first (or last time) that we use Avi! we strongly recommend his expertise and ability to navigate through the complex bay-area housing maket, both as a buying agent and also as a selling one.”


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