Aaron & Inori T., Sunnyvale, CA


“We first met Avi at one of his seminars for First-time Home Buyers. He was very informative and clearly has an passion for real estate. We felt that he was a very knowledgeable and honest person so we decided to work with him on our first home. Avi easily led us through all the preparations before starting the search process. He took as much time as we needed to explain the process. He connected us with a lender to calculate our actual numbers and he was always present when we spoke with the lender.

When we were searching for a house, Avi was always available and helped us through the process. Unfortunately this process took longer than we expected, but Avi remained patient and reassured us and urged us not to compromise. Finally we found the house we loved, and there were 4 other offers! But somehow Avi helped our offer to get accepted!

During the closing process of the house, he was never a bottleneck, often looking and pushing forward. We closed in record time, in no small part to Avi’s efforts. He also connected us with a contractor that we are pleased with. He is not just a realtor to us now. He’s a friend you can trust! We always felt that Avi was looking out for our best interest. We highly recommend Avi. When it comes time for our next home, I will contact Avi first!

Why we will work with him again:
1) He’s honest with his professional opinion. He does not say “what I want to hear”.
2) He seems to really care that his client makes a smart purchase for themselves.
3) He keeps us grounded from making 100% emotional purchase which you may regret someday.
4) He knows a lot of other related professionals that are trustworthy. It’s truly a one stop shop!
5) He’s got the nicest dog named Angie!”


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