The Silicon Valley Home Sellers Masterclass

Have you been thinking about selling your home and wondering:

  • Is now a good time to sell my home in Silicon Valley?
  • What are my responsibilities as a home seller?
  • Where is the money coming from?
  • What can I expect to net after all my costs?
  • What options do I have to minimize taxes?

During our Home Sellers’ Seminar, we’ll cover these issues above, plus much more. Each issue we’ll discuss has significant legal and financial implications, which every potential home seller needs to be aware.

This is why The Urban Group invites you to join us for an in-depth overview and open discussion about these critical issues. In only a few hours you’ll be armed with information and tools that will allow you to maximize your net proceeds from the sale of your home, as well as inform you of your legal responsibilities.

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Who should attend?

  • Anyone who is considering downsizing.
  • Anyone looking to sell their home in the near future.
  • Anyone contemplating between selling and renting out your current home.
  • Anyone interested in tax minimization options available when selling your home.
  • Anyone interested in the home selling process.

How much does the seminar cost?

Nothing! This seminar is complimentary. We offer these sessions at no cost or obligation because we are passionate about real estate. We want to share both our personal and professional real estate investment successes with others. We started our seminars several years ago because we realized that an educated home seller makes intelligent real estate decisions for the rest of his or her life, no matter what the market is doing.

Why choose this seminar?

Since Avi Urban held his first seminar in 2005, we’ve taken the mystery out of the local real estate market for hundreds of people, helping them to focus on what’s important. They’ve learned how to analyze their home needs and identify current market opportunities, as well as answer the many ‘whys,’ ‘whats,’ ‘whens,’ ‘wheres’ and’ hows’ of real estate.

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