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Buying a New Home? Check for These Red Flags Before You Close

Buying a home for the first time is an exciting experience. Starting your life in a brand new home is always a great rite of passage, and it is easy for first time home buyers to get wrapped up in the process. With all the different real estate options out there, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and to choose one that may not be the right fit.

So to prevent this, it is important that you look out for some red flags when you are looking for the right home. Here are some real estate secrets that will help you choose the best home in no time at all.

Check the yard when it is raining 
A house could look perfect when it is sunny out but secretly have some drainage and sewer problems. So if you are really interested in a home, make sure to do a drive by when it is raining out to see if there are any problems in the yard. Doing so will make sure you’re not completely surprised once you move in. Of course, this isn’t always possible. That’s why it’s important to ask pointed questions about drainage, previous water damage to the home, or septic problems.

That new home smell
It is normal for real estate agents to bake cookies before an open house or to put potpourri in each room to make the home smell nice. But the scent should be subtle and not overwhelming. If you can really smell an aggressive scent, there may be a chance the seller is trying to cover up a more obtrusive odor that can be problematic to fix. In real estate, as in life, trust the smell test.

An off temperature
Heating and cooling systems can be quite expensive to fix and/or replace, so if a room or two seems much draftier than the others, find out why. Also, make sure the furnace is in good working order before closing on the home. Older homes in particular often have problems with drafts and insulation, and these can be extremely expensive to fix.

Working appliances
Don’t be afraid to get your hands on everything and anything in the house! Turn on faucets, check the oven, flush the toilets, and take a drink of water. Doing this, especially if the home is for sale by owner, will help you determine if anything is off and needs serious repairs before you buy.

When it comes to buying a home, about 14% of homebuyers chose a brand new home in 2016, while 86% of buyers opted for previously lived-in houses. No matter the home you choose, make sure to follow this list to ensure your first home is in the best condition possible!

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