Exterior Renovations That Can Improve Home Value

Renovating a home to improve its value can be a smart investment.

Interior improvements, such as updating kitchens and baths, offer a good return on investment, but there are plenty of exterior renovations that can add value to a home and give it that coveted “Wow” factor. 


Abundant and well-planned landscaping can instantly boost curb appeal. According to the landscaping company Lawn Starter, 71 percent of prospective home buyers say a home’s curb appeal is an important factor in their buying decisions. As buyers use the internet to look for their dream homes, there’s no denying a beautifully landscaped, nicely photographed property can entice buyers to click and read more about a house. 

 Address Insects and Minor Repairs 

Improving home value may come down to fixing areas of the home that can negatively affect its appeal to buyers. Hire an inspector to look at key components of the house and recommend what needs to be fixed. This way it is discovered before home buyers come in and do their own inspections. Termite infestations, deteriorating roofs, and hidden water leaks are some things that might need fixing.  

 Improve the Entryway 

The front door is the focal point of a home’s exterior. Invest in a new door or paint it a striking color to add appeal.  Remodeling magazines Cost vs. Value Report 2019, indicates changing an entry door to a steel replacement can offer 74.9 percent ROI. Such a door provides visual appeal and added security Ñ things buyers look for. In addition to the front door, make sure that the entryway has a level walkway, steps that are in good repair, accents that are free from rust or tarnish, and decorative plants. 

 Outdoor Lighting 

Outdoor lighting can add to the ambiance of the property and serve as a security feature. Utilize different lights, such as a bright light by the entry, uplighting in trees and shrubs for drama, a light-lined path to the door to improve visibility, and motion-detection lights to improve the security of the property. 

 Repaint (or reside) The Exterior 

A fresh coat of paint or new (or cleaned) siding can instantly give homes a facelift. Neutral, warm and inviting colors tend to have the widest appeal. Adding manufactured stone veneer to the home can offer a 94.9 percent ROI, says Remodeling. And after doing the front door and siding, investing in a garage door replacement offers the highest ROI of all exterior projects listed on the Cost vs. Value Report 2019. This improvement returns 97.5 percent when selling. 

Knowing which improvements add value to a home can help homeowners tailor their efforts to those that are most financially beneficial.


Joel Snyder 2021/03/18 0


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